Emily Xie
Parsons, The New School of Design


Design & Technology: Game Design


Rising Junior


New York City, NY



$55607/ year Parsons The New School Full Scholarship

Suny Purchase Full Scholarship


Hi! I am Emily. I am certainly studying BFA Design and Technology at Parsons, The New School of Design with a full scholarship. I came from a low-income background where I had limited access to resources and opportunities. I have always struggled academically and I did not see the importance of education until I sought art education. I understand how hard it is to manage school, outside school(programs/work), and personal life.

I have 2 years+ working experience with a college counselor on guiding students with their college applications being a mentor in NYC. Almost all of my students last year got accepted to their dream school. (EX: My art students got accepted to Pratt, Parsons, RISD, CCA, CALARTS..etc) I am not a star in academics and taking tests but I am doing well in school with a 3.5 GPA. I would love to help you with your college applications from the beginning to the end the best I can. Please let me know and I am excited to meet you! Lastly, If you need to talk to someone about anything, I am here to support you.

Fun facts about me:
Throughout High School, I was the Travel Club Treasure in school. I also participated in 4 art programs outside school and received a few art contest rewards. The four art programs are Parsons Scholars Program, 92 Y Recaniti Art Program, MoMA Art Program and Groundswell Art’s Program. Now that I am in College, I am still doing the same thing.