What's advice counseling?

There's an access imbalance for high schoolers in the college admissions process. While high schoolers who attended prep schools can easily call up a recent graduate attending the college they're interested in, most students don't have the same alumni network. Students who attend high schools that are international or have a low college enrollment rate are at a disadvantage. At Collmark, we provide a network of undergraduates with diverse majors, extracurriculars and activities.

University Specific Q&A
College Interview Prep

Whether you're wondering what the social scene is like or the difficulty of a certain major, our counselors can answer any questions you may have about the university they attend to help supplement the formal advice of your high school college counselors. 

Bugging about how to prepare for your interview? Book a Collmark undergrad to brainstorm questions to ask your interviewer, or to outline your answers to commonly asked questions during the interview process. 

Advice Counseling