What we Do

We're a group of highly motivated students with diverse backgrounds. Hopefully at least one of us is attending the university that you could see yourself at for four years! While we treasured the guidance of our high school's college counselors, we also found incredible value in directly asking questions to students who attended our reach, target and safety schools. Our high school counselors could tell us our chances of admission to the school, but how would we know our chances of liking the cultural experience of the school once admitted? At Collmark, we provide a network of instantly bookable students for 1-on-1 question and answer sessions, tutoring and writing services.

How We're different

There's an access imbalance for high schoolers in the college admissions process. While high schoolers who attended college prep schools can easily call up a recent graduate that attends the college that they're interested in, most students don't have the same alumni network. Students who attend high schools that are international or have a low college enrollment rate are at a disadvantage. At Collmark, we provide a network of undergraduates with diverse majors, extracurriculars and activities. We're here to meet with you 1-on-1 to answer random questions you may have about our specific university.

Whether you're wondering what the social scene is like or the difficulty of a certain major, they have the experience to help supplement the formal advice of your high school college counselors.

& What we're doing during Covid

Now more than ever, hearing the experiences of undergraduates who got into your reach, target or safety schools is essential. Lookout for the students whose grade is shown as "pre-freshman"... These students were just admitted to university during COVID, and could answer your specific questions about how they navigated the college admissions process this past year.

Booking a session with current undergraduate students is also beneficial! During your session you can ask them how  their college's internal policies and culture have changed in response to COVID. These experiences can inform your decision of what the "new normal" is like at the universities you're interested in.